Baroque / Classical bassoon after Anonymous / Rockobaur


Baroque Bassoon after an early, partly anonymous, original with Wing- joint stamped   Rockobaur,  before 1750-1760 Vienna, Austria.

The original instrument belongs to a private collection. It has amazing acoustical qualities. It is very good  playable with easy fingerings at a’= 415 Hz, but also at a’=430 Hz by using  a slightly shorter Wing-joint and Bocal.

Besides the wing joint which is stamped Rockobaur,  the  other parts of the  instrument  are unstamped.

It is very likely that the unstamped parts of the instrument, the Double bore (Boot-joint) , Long-joint and Bell (Bell-joint) are much older than the stamped Wing-joint and have  been made by a predecessor or teacher of M. Rockobaur.

This may also be the reason of the beautiful warm, baroque sound the instrument has.

M. Rockobaur was the court-musical instrumentmaker of the Esterhazy-court in Austria and delivered instruments to Haydns orchestra.

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