Classical Bassoon after J.H. Grenser

Soundtrack: Alberto Grazzi, Mozart, Bassoonconcerto KV 191

Classical Bassoon after J.H. Grenser

Dresden 1764-1843
About the Heinrich Grenser replica: In 1981, Danny Bond and I began to develop a classical bassoon modeled after an instrument by Heinrich Grenser (Dresden,1764-1813). This instrument belonged to the collection of the Gemeentemuseum at The Hague(Holland). Grenser was one of the best instrument makers of his time. Our research from 1981-1983 led to the development of the first prototype. In 1995 we made an important improvement in the boot-joint bore which has improved the response of all the instruments I have made since then. My replicas are made of dark brown stained maple with brass keywork and fittings. The instrument can be heard on recordings of the Mozart bassoon concerto by Danny Bond, Dennis Godburn and Alberto Grazzi. The Grenser replica has 9 brass keys. pitch: a’=430 hz. The instrument is made of darkbrown stained curly maple.



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